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Beer is not just for drinking. Here are some delicious beer recipes for all of your favorite foods, infusing beer into beer soup, beer chicken and beer cheese recipes.

40+ Recipes Made with Beer (1)

Beer is the most common type of alcoholic beverage! Beer is usually made with wheat and grains!

There are all different types! You can get a malty more heavier beer or you can find some sweet beer made with different fruity flavors.

Not only can you drink beer, but it also a great to use in cooking! The beer adds a delicious flavor and the alcohol burns off while cooking, so the whole family will enjoy these beer recipes!

40+ Recipes Made with Beer (2)

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Topping & Side Dish Beer Recipes

These beer recipes are perfect additions to those main dishes! All these recipes will go great with different meats & other various burgers! They are so flavorful!

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  • Beer Caramelized Onions: Add some extra flavor to your caramelized onions by adding the beer of your choice! Perfect to top on a burger or pair with your favorite dish!
  • Beer Battered Onion Rings: Take a classic onion ring dish and make them with some beer! Delicious!
  • Beer Butter Mushrooms: Simmer your mushrooms in a beer and garlic sauce in this quick & easy recipe!
  • Bacon Cheddar Beer Potatoes: These potatoes are au gratin with delicious beer, cheesy, and bacon flavor! Perfect to pair with any kind of meat or veggie!
  • Drunken Beans: These pinto beans are simmered in a Mexican beer with onions, bacon and various seasonings!
  • Beer Battered Fried Green Beans: Instead of french fries, make these tasty fried green beans with some beer flavor!

Comfort Beer Recipes

A way to someone’s heart is food, especially that comfort food! Here are some beer recipes that twist on some classic comfort foo! The beer adds additional flavor to your favorites!

40+ Recipes Made with Beer (4)

  • Garlic Beer Brats: These German sausages are filled with beer & garlic flavoring! Serve in a hot dog bun! Yum!
  • Buttery Honey Beer Bread: Make your own bread from scratch! Has some beer flavors with a hint of sweetness from the honey! Smear some honey butter on top!
  • Beer Soaked & Smoked Baby Back Ribs: Cover and marinate your ribs in your favorite beer & BBQ sauce!
  • Garlic, Bacon, Beer Mac and Cheese: Take a classic mac and cheese dish and add some garlic, bacon and beer! Talk about comfort to the next level!

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Beer Chicken Recipes

Beer pairs great with chicken! Here are some different kinds of beer chicken! Everyone will enjoy these beer recipes!

40+ Recipes Made with Beer (5)

Sweet Beer Recipes

Beer is perfect to add as extra flavor to desserts! Here are some tasty & sweet beer recipes that are great for any occasion!

40+ Recipes Made with Beer (6)

  • Apple Beer Cupcakes: Make these cupcakes with Angry Orchard! They add the additional malt apple cider & beer flavor in this sweet dessert!
  • Guinness Chocolate Pudding: This pudding is made with dark chocolate & Guinness! Perfect for those who don’t like their dessert too sweet!
  • Guinness Chocolate Cheesecake: Also add Guinness to cheesecake to add some extra flavor!
  • Beer Brownies: This brownies are made with coffee stout beer! Chocolate, beer with a touch of coffee flavor! Yum!
  • Ginger Beer & Lime White Chocolate Truffles: For the white chocolate lovers out there, these truffles are delicious and easy to make! Add some coconut for additional flavor!

Beer Soup Recipes

Beer is great for soups for additional flavor! Also, beer cheese recipes are very common, so to make it out of soup is a great and fun idea that the family will love! Here are some beer soup recipes!

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Beer Cheese Recipes

Beer cheese recipes are a stable for any game day, special occasion, or even just for fun! These beer recipes include different kinds of cheeses, beers, & spices to bring beer cheese to the next level!

40+ Recipes Made with Beer (8)

Seafood Beer Recipes

Who would have thought seafood and beer would go together! Beer adds so much flavor to these seafood dishes! Here are some great seafood beer recipes!

40+ Recipes Made with Beer (9)

  • Caribbean Jerk Shrimp: This easy tropical dish has light beer and is full of delicious flavor! Perfect for the warmer weather!
  • Spicy Beer Shrimp: For the spice lovers, add some spices with the beer for some flavorful shrimp!
  • Beer Battered Fish Tacos: Pick your favorite Mexican beer and pour it over with some spices over your fish of choice! Let it chill for a few hours to soak up all the flavors! Cook it and voila! Yummy fish tacos!
  • Beer Battered Cod: A twist on fish & chips! The beer makes the cod so tender and flavorful!
  • Beer Battered Shrimp Tacos with Lime Crema: Quick & easy meal full of beer battered shrimp and with a lime sauce on top! Yum!

Slow Cooker Beer Recipes

A slow cooker is great for flavorful food! Put all your ingredients in your slow cooker and leave it in there for hours to cook! The beer adds so much flavor & makes the meat so tender and delicious! Enjoy these beer recipes!

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40+ Recipes Made with Beer (2024)
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