Best Eats to Order Online for Super Bowl Sunday (2024)

TheSuper Bowl is upon us. If you're playing host, you don't have to run yourself ragged making every single dish on that game-day party menu. There's delivery, but you can expect long wait times and jacked-up service fees. Take all of that of the equation and snag some delicious and ready-to-go apps, main courses and drinks ahead of time from one of our favorite online food vendors.

What are the best foods to order online for Super Bowl? Taste is subjective, but you can serve up Shake Shack burgers for a little New York flair; secure ribs, pulled pork and chicken for a southern spread; or maybe a plate of charcuterie to class things up a bit. You'll find that and loads more foods all ready to be heated and served to any pack of hungry football fans.

These are the best game-day foods to order online for Super Bowl 2023.

Note, that at the time of writing, all purveyors had express shipping options available to ensure timely delivery before Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 12, but make sure to check with the individual vendor before placing an order.

If you love Shake Shack but don't love waiting in the lines, Goldbelly has a perfect fix with this 16-burger kit you can get delivered for $100. That should be plenty of Pat Lafrieda beef, potato rolls and Shack Sauce to feed your game-day crew.

In case you're wondering, the meat comes uncooked (that's a good thing, trust me) so you'll need a big cast-iron skillet or griddle if you want to replicate Shake Shack's cooking style. An outdoor grill works fine, too.

Wings are king but this twist on the classic game-day fare may be even more fun. The Meatball Shop restaurants are an institution in New York, and now you can order a 48-ball bucket of its most football-friendly recipe from Goldbelly. Blue cheese is definitely included.

Seeing as Kansas City is back in the Super Bowl, it'd be fitting to serve up some authentic KC-style BBQ. Goldbelly allows you to order sauce-soaked eats from some of the most iconic BBQ joints in Missouri, and many will still arrive before this weekend. We're especially digging the KC Sunday Dinner package from Jack Stack BBQ, which serves four to six people with baby back ribs, pork burnt ends, beef burnt ends, hickory pit beans, cheesy potato bake, Jack Stack barbecue sauce and a triple chocolate brownie.

If you order it today, Goldbelly can deliver it by Friday.

Or you could go the whole hog and lay out a pile of succulent pulled pork for sandwiches, nachos or just to eat with a fork. You can snag enough pulled pork from Jones' Bar-B-Q in Arkansas to feed four to six people for $85 and have it delivered by Saturday.

Wings are an undisputed Super Bowl star and they're so easy to make at home, especially with anair fryer, that it's one food not worth ordering precooked. You can keep things simple and throw them in the oven or air fryer with a salt and pepper rub, or crank up the heat with a classic Buffalo sauce treatment.

Get 5 pounds of quality Wild Fork Foods frozen chicken wings for just $16. Or grab a 2.5-pound order of organic wings for $13. Plan on about a pound of wings per person, especially if they are the main dish. Wild Fork has cooked wingsif you don't feel like busting out the air fryer.

This Super Bowl-ready Man Crate will take care of appetizers while the chili or pulled chicken finishes in the crock pot. The sampler includes three 6-ounce sausages: rabbit, venison and pork, venison and pork and pheasant and pork. Plus two Terrapin Ridge mustards, Cooper's jalapeño cheese straws and an Opinel No. 7 folding knife.

If you're not the beer-and-nachos type and are looking for a more refined game day experience, may I introduce you to this charcuterie sampler from D'Artagnan? It has a bounty of elegant, savory eats including duck prosciutto, dry-cured pork and duck sausages, French garlic sausage, smoked chicken breast, duck rillette and black truffle butter.

Who's going to take home the Lombardi Trophy this year is anyone's guess, but serving nachos at your watch party is a sure bet, especially if they're courtesy of Memphis BBQ legend Charlie Vergos' Rendezvous. Beyond the chips, cheese dip and pickled jalapenos, this cheat day-worthy package that serves 14 to 16 people is highlighted by 2 pounds of the restaurant's famous pulled pork shoulder, along with its signature barbecue sauce and seasoning blend (napkins, however, are not included). The fully loaded spread is guaranteed to have your guests all shook up.

Old-school butcher Schaller & Weber has been a New York institution for over eight decades and its house-made sausages have become the stuff of legend. You can't go wrong with the classics, but for the biggest sports day of the year you'll want something extra special and these juicy pork bratwursts made with German lager courtesy of Mikkeller NYC would certainly earn the approval of Bill Swerski and his fellow Super Fans.

Mouth charges $12 for shipping so you might want to tack on a few extra packages of brats or any of the other hundreds of tasty eats available on this sprawling vendor.

Sweet victory is yours when you order this party-pleasing dessert pack with 25 bite-sized cupcakes. Choose from Baked by Melissa's best flavors including cookie dough, mint chocolate cookie, red velvet and more. Baked by Melissa recommends four to five per person if the cupcakes are the main event for dessert.

Beer, wine and liquor delivery Drizly

If you didn't discover the joy that is booze delivery during the pandemic, you're in for a treat. Services like Drizly, Saucey and Minibar source from local liquor stores, so you're still supporting those small businesses without being limited to the inventory of just one. Find that special bottle or hard-to-find case of beer without ever leaving the house -- score. Check out more of our favorite services for liquor delivery but note that some states have laws prohibiting delivery.

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Best Eats to Order Online for Super Bowl Sunday (2024)
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