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Data in a Past Performance

There is a tremendous amount of data available for interpretation in a DRF past performance.Below, you'll see a sample past performance (PP). This list will help you identify what each piece of data means, including six new features from DRF: Tomlinson Ratings, New Class Codes,Next Out Winners Italicized in Company Lines, Stud Fees, Bar Shoes, The Career Box. Hopefully, all this information will help you become a winning handicapper.

The following data elements are in a Daily Racing Form Past Performance (* - new features):

Tomlinson Ratings - Tomlinson Ratings, which appear next to the "Turf" and "Wet" headings in each horse's career box, measure a horses potential to handle turf and muddy/sloppy track conditions.Previous Trainer Line - This indicates horse's previous trainer.

Date Race was Run - 1Jan96. This race was run on Jan 1, 1996.

Race Number, Track - 10CRC. This was the tenth race at Calder. A complete list of track abbreviations is published in the past performance section of most issues of Daily Racing Form. A u (diamond symbol) preceding a track name denotes a foreign racetrack.

Track Condition - gd. The track was good. Track condition abbreviations for dirt and turf tracks are listed on page 10.

Distance of Race - 5 furlongs. This race was at 5 furlongs on the main dirt track. An asterisk (*) before the distance indicates it was an approximate, or "about," distance (*7f = about 7 furlongs).

Fractional Times - :22 :46.1. Three fractional times are given for each race at all distances over 5 1/2 furlongs. In this 5 furlong race, the first fraction (:22) is the leader's time after a quarter-mile; the second fraction (:46.1) is the leader's time after a half-mile.

Final Time - :59.2. The winning horse stopped the teletimer in :59.2. This is always the time of the first horse to cross the finish line, even if the winner is disqualified from first position.

Type of Race - Alw 18700N1X. This was an allowance race for non-winners of a race other than maiden or claiming.

*New Class Codes - In claiming races the range of claiming prices is noted - 16/14000.

Beyer Speed Figure - 53. Beyer Speed Figures are available exclusively in Daily Racing Form. Every performance by every horse in North America is assigned a number which reflects the time of the race and the inherent speed of the track over which it was run, and permits easy comparison of efforts at different distances. A figure of 95 denotes exactly the same quality of performance whether is was earned at Santa Anita or Suffolk Downs.

Post Position - 6. The horse left the starting gate from stall number six. Post position can differ from official program number because of late scratches, horses coupled as a betting entry, or runners grouped in a mutuel field.

First Call - 9. The horse's position immediately after leaving the starting gate or after quarter-mile depending on the distance. This horse was ninth after the start.

Second Call - 10-9 1/2. This horse was tenth, 9 1/2 lengths behind the leader after three-sixteenths of a mile. The large figure indicates the horse's running position, the smaller figure is the margin behind the leader. If the horse had been in front at this point the smaller figure would indicate the margin in front of the second horse.

Third Call - 9-14. The horse was ninth, 14 lengths behind the leader after three-eighths of a mile.

Stretch Call - 9-14. The horse was ninth, 14 lengths behind the leader at this point. The stretch call is always made one furlong (one-eighth of a mile) from the finish line.

Finish - 9-10 3/4. The horse finished 9th, 10 3/4 lengths behind the winner. If the horse was the winner, the smaller figure would indicate the margin ahead of the second horse. A symbol after the finish means the horse finished in a deadheat with one or more horses for that position.

Jockey - Davis RG. This horse was ridden by Robbie Davis. When a small number follows the jockey's name it indicates the apprentice allowance claimed. Apprentice riders are entitled to weight allowances of 3, 5, 7 or 10 pounds, based on experience and contract rules. Daily Racing Form publishes complete jockey/trainer standings for every track several times each week.

Medication - L, B. Where state rules permit, horses may run on various medications. L indicates a horse has been treated with Lasix (generic name: furosemide); B indicates horse has been treated with Butazolidin (generic name: phenylbutazone).

L - lasix. The L1 indicates first time lasix.

Weight Carried - 119. The horse carried 119 pounds in this race. This is the weight of the rider and equipment (saddle, lead pads, etc.) and includes the apprentice allowance when an allowance is claimed.

Blinkers - On or Off. This indicates blinker changes from last start

Equipment - f The letter "f" indicates the horse wore front bandages. If the horse wore blinkers, the letter b would appear after the f (fb).

*Bar Shoes - r The letter "r" indicates the horse wore bar shoes.

Closing Odds - 41.00. The horse was $41.00 to the dollar. The * symbol preceding the odds indicates the horse was the betting favorite. The letter "e" following the odds means the horse was coupled in the betting (an entry) with one or more horse. The letter "f" in this position would indicate the horse was in the mutuel field.

Speed Rating, Track Variant - 81-18. The first number is the speed rating, a comparison of this horse's time with the best time at the distance at that track in the last three years, which is represented by the par value of 100. The second figure (18) is the track variant, which shows how many pointsbelow par the times for all races at the distance on the samesurface were that day. See the SpeedRating/Track Variant page for detailed explanation.

First Three Horses at Finish - Outlaw Sweetie 119 1/2, Family Influence 119 hd, Devils Reality 119 2 1/2. The "company line" shows the horses which finished first, second and third in the race, the weight each carried and the margins separating each one from the next horse.

*Next Out Winners Italicized in Company Lines - Names printed in bold face type are also entered in today's race. Horses italicized won their next start.

Comment Line - Outrun. A capsule description of the horse's performance written by the chart caller, with special emphasis on pointing out any trouble encountered.

Number of Starters - 10. Ten horses started in this race.

Workouts - Latest workouts are printed under each horse's past performances. Daily Racing Form carries up to six works for all horses, with up to 12 for first-time starters. The bullet indicates this was the best workout of the day at that track and distance. Workouts are ranked by the numbers in italics (1/10). Another example would be the December 24 workout at Calder. Gina's Angel worked six furlongs in 1:14.4 seconds (4/20), the fourth-best workout of the 20 horses that went six furlongs that morning.

*Career Box - Indicates lifetime, current year, prior year and record at track on left side. Indicates dirt, wet, turf and record at distance on right side. Beyer figures following these lines indicate best Beyer Speed Figure on dirt fast tracks (58), wet tracks (73), turf (53) and today's distance and surface (22).

Pedigree Information - Top line indicates color, sex, age and month fooled. Second line indicates sire, sire's sire followed by *sire's stud fee if available. Third line indicates breeder and state bred.

Owner/Trainer/Jockey - This information appears above the past performances. The record of the jockey at the current meeting and for the current year appears after his/her name. The same information follows the trainer's name.

To receive a free guide to Daily Racing Form past performances, send your name and mailing address via e-mail to cservice@drf.com.

Daily Racing Form: How To Use DRF (2024)
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