GTA 6: Live updates as Vice City map scale revealed (2024)

Grand Theft Auto 6 is still at least another nine months away but gamers are aching to know every detail they can - and there hasn't been a shortage of leaks, rumours and theories.

One report says GTA 6could be delayed to 2026 as a fallback option with Fall 2025 now being targeted by employees at Rockstar.

That's after reports suggested development falling behind is the reason why the majority of employees have been called back to the office full-time but it's led to a backlash from some workers.

Since Rockstar posted the trailer for GTA 6 in early December, after it was leaked online, social media has been a hotbed for theories about when exactly the game will be released, when further details such as trailers will be announced, what will be in the game itself and loads more.

It's no surprise really given that Grand Theft Auto 5 was widely recognised as the best game of the last decade - it came out in 2013 and is still popular with gamers today as Rockstar continues to release GTA Online updates.

Below is a roundup of some of the most recent leaks, rumours and discussions, and this will continue to be updated, so keep checking back for the latest.

Classic 'trailer'

— (@)

Ever wanted to see the GTA V legends act out the GTA 6 trailer? Well, now you can!

Optimistic Countdown

— (@)

Just 68% left of 2024 until we're in the launch year for GTA 6.

Hold on folks!

GTA 6 trailer brilliantly reimagined using GTA 5's main characters

The GTA 6 trailer has been brilliantly reimagined by YouTuber JANTSUU featuring the main characters from GTA 5.

The latest reimagining of it sees what it would look like if it featured the main characters from GTA 5; Michael, Franklin and Trevor.

Read the full story here.

Trailer details spotted

A number of Reddit users have posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit details they say they've spotted in the trailer.

Far_Start6823 has asked if one of the NPCs in a scene of a car meet is wearing fake Nike trainers, speculating if the brand could be parodied in the game.

Kay_Sato posted screenshots of the scene where Jason and Lucia walk through a store wearing balaclavas, noticing 10 different types of crisps have been parodied.

And the same user spotted what appears to be Cousin Floyd's sofa from GTA 5 in the background of the scene of two black men greeting each other.

Rockstar made 'nothing' from trailer say Redditors

There is a popular opinion in the GTA 6 Subreddit that Rockstar gained little or 'nothing' financially directly from the trailer itself.

The trailer, when it dropped in December 2023, broke all kinds of records, including the 24-hour record for the most watched YouTube video that's not music.

But it seems the trailer is not monetised as there are no ads at the start, during or at the end of the video.

Ambitious-Holiday111 asked the question on the social media site.

Intel2025 said: "Probably nothing I think it’s the only video I watch that never plays an ad before starting."

Latter_Commercial_52 said: "Somebody said this video wasn't monetised and it's only a minute and a half so probably not much if anything. It's nothing compared to what investors pay."

kylo_ben2700 said: "When you consider the price of the song probably not much."

Modders working on GTA 5 for Nintendo Switch

A team of modders is working on a GTA 5 port for Nintendo Switch, using the leaked source code.

— (@)

A group of modders is working on a GTA 5 port for the Nintendo Switch.

That means they're trying to get the game to run on the console using leaked source code.

A video posted on X / Twitter by @GTAVI_Countdown shows one of the opening scenes of the game - although the frame rate, as probably expected, is rather low.

Frame Friday discussion

GTA 6: Live updates as Vice City map scale revealed (1)

The shot being discussed from the GTA 6 trailer

Rockstar Games

Every Friday, a shot from the trailer is posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit and is analysed by other users.

Denso95 has posted the 19th one, showing a muscle car being drifted around a corner on a dirt road, with Jason understood to be at the wheel and Lucia shouting 'woohoo!'

mlholladay96 said: "I hope the driving feels as good as this scene makes it look. The weight, the suspension, the inertia, the classic oversteer of American muscle, it all looks dialed in. I'm praying it's not just field dressing for the trailer and is actual driving mechanics on display."

ZealousTaxful said: "The weight of the car shifts to the right side of its suspension - Lucia also leans outward, as does her hair. Real nice consistency here!"

OdeetheGOAT said: "This is definitely gameplay surely. We can hear Lucia scream meaning she might react if you drive in an exciting way, kinda like Catalina. The driving seems to resemble 5 more than it does 4 but it does seem more realistic."

Pajca said: "The open door on the pawn shop makes me hopeful. I would really like more interiors in the game. The driving looks better overall, you can see the suspension in action. They are in what appears to be a run down place, somewhere out of town. It gets me hyped to be able to explore the map. This may or may not be them getting away from the store robbery scene seen in the trailer. That's all I got to say without being too repetitive."

Gamingwiththereaper said: "The warmth of this scene in its colours reminds me a lot of RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2). And hopefully the driving will be more realistic. I like GTA 5's driving mechanics, but GTA 4 it's where it's at. They could make a mix between the two though, i feel like the more arcade-y style feels better for travelling great distances."

PC meme resurfaces

A meme about PC gamers and GTA 6 has resurfaced on the GTA 6 Subreddit.

GTA 6 is due to release in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S - but no details have been announced when it will be available to play on PC.

ithepunisher has posted a SpongeBob SquarePants meme of Squidward looking out of the window of a dark room and SpongeBob and Patrick running along happily with their arms in the air.

The meme is called 'PC gamers in 2025' with the picture edited so SpongeBob and Patrick have PS5 controllers in their hands with the GTA 6 logo above them.

It's got more than 1.2k upvotes at the time of writing and has got a lot of users commenting.

Exciting_Ad8979 said: "I hate the fact that I'm gonna buy a PS5 just for this."

ByteBlender said: "For me I will spend that one year of wait watching the content other ppl will make about GTA 6 same thing happened with RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2) and it felt like a month till it came out for PC."

Trainalf said: "We'll keep a seat open for the PC bros. When the time comes, we're going to need them to datamine the game and find all the juicy stuff Rockstar cut."

Miniminter's 'unpopular opinion'

Having spoken on an episode of the What's Good Podcast, Miniminter from the Sidemen gave his verdict of the trailer and worries he has about the highly-anticipated game, sharing his 'unpopular opinion'.

He said. "Unpopular opinion here - I watched the trailer earlier and I was like 'oh my god, this is insane'; in my head and my heart, I thought it looks alright, it looks like GTA but everyone gassed it up so much.

"Sidemen, GTA 5, that's how the Sidemen started - we started with a bunch of videos that were just free roam.

"Walk around the city, you run up to a civilian and punch them, and everyone's like 'haha this is amazing'.

"GTA 6 comes out - can the Sidemen create free roam videos just by playing the game that are like that?

"There will be new things in the game - but I think the normal mechanics are going to fundamentally be the same and we can't find that hilarious anymore."

Happy or sad ending? ***WARNING: RED DEAD REDEMPTION & GTA 5 SPOILERS***

I wonder if Rockstar Games is going to pull a Red Dead Redemption type of ending in GTA 6 and leave us depressed for weeks after finishig it, or will we get a happy ending just like in GTA 5...

— (@)


A post on X / Twitter has got users discussing what they want to see from the ending of the single-player campaign for GTA 6.

@NikTekOfficial posted: "I wonder if Rockstar Games is going to pull a Red Dead Redemption type of ending in GTA 6 and leave us depressed for weeks after finishing it, or will we get a happy ending just like in GTA 5..."

And a number of users have been commenting with their thoughts.

@synticat0r said: "I want them to do a happy ending, I think something like betrayal being apart of the ending would be very cliche and predictable with the type of story they are clearly going with Jason and Lucia."

@IsaiahLord5 said: "Should be a happy ending. You don't need to have a emotional ending for a compelling story."

@bianchini_alain said: "The fact that the story is inspired by Bonnie and Clyde doesn't bode well for a happy ending."

@AravindElangov6 said: "Betrayal is the major part of all Rockstar games. So, Lucia gonna betray Jason."

@batmansalt said: "I feel like GTA always ends up having a happier ending, given its roots in action/crime storytelling. Red Dead games, drawing from westerns, usually end up giving players a darker, sadder ending."

Bow discussion

A discussion is ongoing in the GTA 6 Subreddit about if gamers would like to see a bow included as a weapon.

the-great-nerd posted: "It would be fun for hunting and fishing."

It's got users talking in the comments.

Accomplished_Nerve87 said: "Spearguns are coming in GTA 6 according to the leaks."

Cautious_Wafer3075 said: "I feel like hunting and fishing is a guarantee lol. It's an essential characteristic of Florida. It would be a huge L for Rockstar if they didn't include it. They showed rednecks in the trailer so, I'm sure they included it."

FuzzyHotel6180 said: "I'm praying there's a crossbow in this game. Would be so sick. Love using it in The Last of Us 2."

Concept map

Reddit user -edinator- posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit a concept map of what the fictional state of Leonida could look like.

It fleshes out more of the west side of the state and what could be included in the panhandle.

It's proving popular on the social media site.

ZealousTaxful said: "The map-menus in the non-HD universes had colors and the map-menu in GTA 4 and 5 were both black/grey. I wonder if GTA 6 will have the colour your concept has - or we can switch between that, a satellite view, or a 'transit' map like Apple/Google. Either way, I hope it is colourful!"

Pir-o said: "Looks a little squeezed but other than that it looks great, I like the colours. BUT considering where are 0 co-ordinates on the map and the location of islands IRL (as well as mentions of Bermuda triangle in the leaks), I think we might get two smaller islands on the right side of the map, not on the left."

nowhere2run4 said: "Looks really good!"

GTA 6 'could save the gaming industry' says expert

A video games expert thinks "GTA 6 might be the game to save the gaming industry" because of its expected popularity, the sheer amount of money that's gone into it and market trends it is likely to show when released in 2025.

Given 2024 is expected to be a quiet year for the gaming industry, one expert thinks GTA 6 can help save it.

George Osborn is the creator of Video Games Industry Memoand the managing director of Half-Space Consulting with 15 years' experience in the industry having also studied at the University of Cambridge.

When asked by Indy100 about just how big the release of GTA 6 will be, George said: "GTA 6 might be the game to save the games industry, it's the game to restore confidence in it."

Read the full story here.

Animals spotted on license plates

Animals have been spotted on license plates in the GTA 6 trailer.

28 seconds in, a flamingo can be seen on one with a gator spotted at 1:08, according to screenshots uploaded to the GTA 6 Subreddit by Roel_driesvink.

Flashy-Scheme-933 said: "This is one of the few things I didn't notice from the trailer. Just more evidence of Rockstar's attention to detail. And pretty neat."

JayIsNotReal said: "This is a detail from the trailer that I did not know about. It might not be important but it is a good catch."

Up to 4x RP and 3x GTA$ on GTA Online

Rockstar has posted an update on its Newswire with the latest events taking place in GTA Online.

Nightclubs are bringing in 2x GTA$ in daily income with drinks free in the game.

Double rewards are in Request Nightclub Goods and there's double RP and GTA$ in Nightclubs Sell Goods missions.

There's 2x GTA$ and 4x RP on all Simeon contact missions with a Bleuter'd t-shirt up for grabs in-game for logging in any time this week.

New cars are available along with double rewards on Tiny Racers and triple rewards on New Community Series.

Technical challenges of GTA 3 on PS2

— (@)

A former Rockstar developer has shared 'the hardest technical challenge' faced in getting GTA 3 to run as it should on PS2.

GTA 3 was the first 3D Grand Theft Auto game, released in 2001 and set in Liberty City, a fictional version of New York City.

Obbe Vermeij, who worked at Rockstar for 10 years and whose projects included GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas and GTA 4, has explained the 'hardest technical challenge' of the project on X / Twitter.

He said: "There was no way we could fit the whole map of GTA 3 in PS2 memory. Streaming involves loading models from the DVD as the player moves around. This was the hardest technical challenge during the development of GTA 3 and was coded by Adam Fowler.

"The closer models physically are on the DVD, the faster they are loaded. This is because the DVD needs to accelerate/decelerate as the head moves to a different track."

Popular meme

A meme has been posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit by LiLdude227 that's got 1.9k upvotes in 19 hours at the time of writing that takes aim at other users of the same Subreddit.

It shows a scene from SpongeBob SquarePants with Patrick, Sandy and other SpongeBob characters in an audience at what looks like a talk from Squidward.

Patrick puts his hand up with the caption r/GTA6 on him.

A picture of Squidward looking fed up follows, with the caption 'no r/GTA6, Jason is not an undercover cop'.

It's got a lot of people talking too.

Bugsy_Marino said: "I love the logic that a police department allows an undercover cop to gruesomely murder hundreds of citizens in order to bust one person who's robbing convenience stores, because that would be the case if Jason was an undercover cop."

Bluevettes said: "I think that it would be interesting to have a protagonist that's an extremely crooked cop, but playing as an undercover good one doesn't make sense in a game where you're constantly murdering other people... Including cops."

ZealousTaxful said: "And no, there will not be taxes to pay."

GTA 6 map scale revealed

A Reddit user has posted a scaled version of how the GTA 6 mapping project compares in size to the GTA 5 map.

GTA 6 is set in the fictional state of Leonida, based on Florida - the mapping project is a community that's piecing together what Leonida is likely to look like based on co-ordinates from the trailer, leaks and widespread speculation.

Florida's 'panhandle' was added in the most recent update on April 12.

Reddit user _RealityBoat has recently posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit to show how the GTA 6 map looks compared to the GTA 5 map when scaled.

Before the 'panhandle' was added, both maps appeared to actually be more similar in size than speculated, with GTA 6 looking only slightly larger - but since that addition, it's made GTA 6's map appear around twice the size of GTA 5's.

OrfeasDourvas said: "Something important to note here. GTA 5 has a lot of mountains so a lot of the surface area isn't exactly what you would call playable. Miami is flat so the difference is going to be even bigger than what we can see here."

Tight-Fall5354 said: "I really do not buy the panhandle being that goddamn large."

PepsiFruit said: "I wonder how close this is to the reality we'll get."

Actor 'listed' on GTA 6 IMDb

A screenshot has been shared on the GTA 6 Subreddit of an actor who appeared to be 'listed' in the credits for GTA 6.

The picture shows Charlotte McKee credited in the role of Candy on IMDb.

McKee has appeared in Law & Order and Shades of Blue.

This has led to speculation about the potential inclusion of a character called Candy Suxxx, who in the Vice City entries of Grand Theft Auto worked as an adult film star.

When checking GTA 6 on IMDb, this credit no longer appears - it must be said the website can be easily contributed to.

But the post has got users talking on Reddit.

MagicJim96 said: "She could be the actress for old Candy Suxxx...?"

MoBB_17 said: "Considering how much Rockstar writers like Law & Order I wouldn't be surprised."

Wall_Hammer said: "Couldn't she have included it by mistake, possibly violating NDAs?"

'Carrying stuff on your vehicle'

Reddit user LOAYU has posted a picture of a car with a roof and bike rack on it in the GTA 6 Subreddit with the caption: "Carrying stuff on your vehicle (apart from customisation)."

It's got people talking if this is a feature they want to see in GTA 6 in the comments.

FromWestLondon said: "Yeah this is something I've got on my wishlist. We should be able to use vehicles to transport other vehicles like motorcycles, bikes etc."

vercettiwashere replied: "Oh that's a good idea. Towing jet skis and launching them at a boat launch would be sick."

CaptainWaders said: "Or towing dirt bikes or ATVs to go ride at different parts of the map. Speaking of vehicles if we don't get some amazing customisation on the air boats I'm going to be p****d."

Dezzy25 said: "Assuming the details from the leaked clips make it to the final version of the game, it seems very likely we will have at least functional vehicle trunks. I don't think being able to store items on vehicles is as realistic of an expectation. However, I do think there's a good chance vehicle trailers will be much more functional giving us the ability to tow / haul boats, ATVs and maybe even other cars. Yes, I know tow trucks have been functional in previous titles but I’m referring to non-tow truck vehicles with trailers."

GTA 6 trailer scenes with Franklin, Michael and Trevor

A GTA 6 Subreddit post has got people talking as it shows how Franklin, Michael and Trevor could look in scenes from the GTA 6 trailer.

Three different edits show the three playing around on the beach, Franklin twerking on top of a car and Michael with his arms out the top of a convertible at night.

They've gone down well on the social media site.

barf_of_dog said: "Why did I move here? Bad luck I guess."

EmperorBruduh said: "This is so well edited lmao."

Dry-Fault-5557 said: "GTA 5.5."

bl4ck51 said: "I imagined Michael screaming in the last picture lol."

LelandTurbo0620 said: "NPCs looking higher quality than former protagonists is crazy."

GTA 5 cancelled single-player 'DLC' details revealed - full story

GTA 6: Live updates as Vice City map scale revealed (2)GTA 5 cancelled single-player 'DLC' details revealed

Erikona, iStock

It's understood a number of additions to single-player GTA 5 were in the works but because of the success of GTA Online and the money it was generating, development was shifted towards that.

But cast members of GTA 5 recently revealed what Rockstar had planned for what could have been an example of DLC for the story mode.

Read the full story here.

Viral video of CJ and Franklin actors

Fact: Franklin from GTA 5 (Shawn Fonteno) and CJ from San Andreas (Young Maylay) are cousins in real life.

— (@)

A video is going viral of the actors who play CJ and Franklin in the GTA series.

CJ, the main character of San Andreas, and Franklin, one of the main characters in GTA 5, have both appeared in GTA Online too.

CJ is played by Young Maylay (Christopher Bellard) and Franklin is played by Shawn Fonteno.

In real life, Shawn is the older cousin of Young Maylay.

Shawn also voiced lines in San Andreas.

Producer DJ Pooh is understood to have played a significant role in the casting of each character and has himself appeared as a radio host in GTA 5 and in Cayo Perico and The Contract in GTA Online.

'Nude cruise'

A Reddit user has posted a screenshot in the GTA 6 Subreddit of a headline that says 'a Miami cruise company is set to launch its first ever nude cruise in 2025'.

IAmGolfMan posted it with the caption: "Time for Rockstar to add a reference to this."

It's gone down well, with 1.8k upvotes at the time of writing.

MaxRockatanskiisGhost said: "I got news for you people. This is Florida. Rockstar can cherry pick the best 10 per cent of references from this state and still have to cut half of them to keep the game under a 1TB install. This place is f****n' cray."

quackcow144 replied: "I'd be fine with a TB install honestly. It's only annoying when it's Call of Duty and there's absolutely no reason those games should be 200GB and have 30GB updates."

Frogee_ said: "This would be better than the strip club."

Rockstar confirms return of fan favourite games

GTA 6: Live updates as Vice City map scale revealed (3)GTA developer Rockstar confirms Bully and LA Noire are back

Yuka Iwamura, Getty Images & Rockstar Games

In an update for GTA+, Rockstar Games' premium subscription service, the developer announced the return of popular titles Bully and LA Noire.

GTA+ launched around the same time GTA 5 was released on current generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, in 2022.

It's a service that gives subscribers exclusive content in GTA Online and a selection of Rockstar titles.

And in a recent update, Rockstar announced Bully and LA Noire are being added later in 2024.

Read the full story here.

'Most immersive evolution'

A Reddit user has started up a discussion focusing on some of the wording Rockstar has used to promote GTA 6.

On a pinned Rockstar Instagram post shared by Oath_Br3aker in the GTA 6 Subreddit, the caption for the trailer posted on the social media site says 'the biggest, most immersive evolution of the Grand Theft Auto series yet'.

And it's led to a discussion as to why that's been included as Oath_Br3aker says Rockstar doesn't 'usually market GTA as immersive'.

Darthlord_Juju said: "Basically just saying there will be more things to do and more ways to stay engaged."

OptimusGrimes said: "It will be the biggest jump in quality for a GTA ever, with every other game coming out the same, or next generation from the previous, this is the first time they've skipped two, so saying it will be the biggest evolution isn't too much of a reach."

Nice_Reveue_7375 said: "S**t it better be after 12 years."

Rockstar 25th anniversary logo 'leaked' online

Alleged leaked artwork from Rockstar's 25th Holiday party. Many Easter Egg's included.

— (@)

The Rockstar logo seen at its 25th anniversary celebrations in December 2023 appears to have been 'leaked' online.

It was a big month for Rockstar - a landmark anniversary, the first GTA 6 trailer and new GTA Online content.

And the logo from company celebrations, a modified version of the usual one, appears to have made its way online after Rockstar announced a 'big' summer update for GTA Online.

It's led X / Twitter users to spot a number of Easter eggs on it, including Chop's tag, the Statue of Liberty, John and Arthur's hats, the girl from the GTA 5 loading screen and even Trevor's teddy bear.

Potential GTA 6 Easter eggs speculated include a flamingo and what appears to be a modified Banshee in the bottom right corner.

'Map outline' on bumper sticker

A Reddit user thinks they've found an outline of the GTA 6 map on a bumper sticker on the back of Jason's car from the trailer.

It looks a lot like the map created by the Mapping Project, a community which is piecing together the map from co-ordinates in the trailer and leaks, and the outline of the Florida state which the fictional Leonida is based on.

And others in the GTA 6 Subreddit agree with Olivr_Ont.

1234normalitynomore said: "Good find, this is the first thing to actually make me think we're getting the panhandle."

BeCrafttt said: "That looks extremely identical to the map made by the GTA 6 mapping project."

Buckman21 said: "Holy s**t he might be onto something."

StingingGamer said: "Good find! If that is the map shape it looks great."

What GTA Online update could mean for GTA 6

Rockstar has teased a 'big' summer update for GTA Online and it hasn't taken long for the speculation to start.

Some have said it will be the final big update before all efforts are put into GTA 6 and others have theorised what could be in it.

X / Twitter user @GTAVI_Countdown said Michael, one of the main protagonists in GTA 5, is rumoured to be included in the update - he's not yet featured in GTA Online and gamers on Reddit have been calling for this for a while.

Other theories from the account include a second trailer for GTA 6 being likely to drop around the time of the update to drive traffic.

The account says Rockstar did this with the Chop Shop GTA Online update which was revealed a week after the GTA 6 trailer - it's the most viewed GTA Online trailer.

Rockstar teases 'big' summer update for GTA

GTA 6: Live updates as Vice City map scale revealed (4)Rockstar teases 'big' summer update for GTA

Yuki Iwamura, Getty Images

Rockstar has teased a 'big' summer update for its Grand Theft Auto series in an unexpected announcement.

With leaks, rumours and speculation swirling about all things GTA 6, like when exactly it will be released, delays in development and gameplay 'leaks' appearing online, Rockstar could put all of its eggs in that basket to get it done and released as soon as possible.

Read the full story here.

PC gamers' frustration at release details

PC gamers have shared frustrations at GTA 6 release details.

The highly-anticipated game is set to be out in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S - but there are no details at this stage when it will release on PC.

It's led to Reddit user Guimorneg posting a picture of Squidward looking at SpongeBob and Patrick playing outside - and they've been edited to be carrying the GTA 6 logo and PS5 controllers.

Guimorneg posted in the GTA 6 Subreddit along with the caption 'please tell me is not only me' (sic).

And the post has got a lot of reaction and comments.

fejota said: "I don't have any console so yeah, that would be me too."

deezzzznutzzzs said: "You have more than a year to save enough money for PS5 + GTA 6."

Wokekyller said: "Me too, I wait until PC premiere. Good thing GTA Wiki and Youtube will save me during the waiting."

Mixed views on celebrities in GTA 6

A GTA 6 Subreddit discussion has led to mixed views on which celebrities could feature in the game and if any should feature at all.

A number of high-profile names have already been linked with the game, including musicians T-Pain, Anita Ward and Schoolboy Q - even more could feature with Rockstar owning a record label.

GTA Online has had a range of celebrities featuring post-launch, such as musician Dr Dre releasing an EP exclusively in the game.

GTA 4 also had appearances from comedians such as Ricky Gervais.

But views are mixed on if celebrities featuring are welcome in the Grand Theft Auto series.

FuzzyHotel6180 said: "I'd say so. I'm excited to see who they got for the different radio stations. GTA 5 had a lot."

MixedRealityAddict said: "I hope not, I like fictitious characters."

FoundationGreen6342 said: "Ricky Gervais needs to come back."

Delay rumours 'met with shrugs' from Rockstar employees

It's reported when Rockstar employees were asked what they made of the current rumour mill of delayed development, the response 'was mostly met with shrugs'.

That's according to a report from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier.

It also said: "Last summer, I asked someone at Rockstar how things were going, and they responded with one word: 'chaos'."

It comes as a full-time return to the office for the majority of Rockstar employees comes into effect in less than two weeks' time which has been met with a backlash from some.

The report also says development delays are to be expected with it being a 'messy, nonlinear process'.

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