‘The Young Turks’ Star Ana Kasparian Appears To Be Fed Up With The Left’s Narratives (2024)

Left-wing political commentator Ana Kasparian has repeatedly disagreed with her fellow leftists on hot-button issues and partisan narratives, a review by the Daily Caller found.

Kasparian said Tuesday that she does not “care to collaborate with any other leftists ever again” after she drew heavy backlash for objecting to the use of the term “birthing people” by proponents of transgender ideology. (RELATED: ‘The Definition Of A Corporate Democrat’: Cenk Uygur Says Progressives Must Push Biden To ‘A Halfway Decent Place’)

Lol! The meltdowns over wanting be referred to as a woman rather than a “birthing person” is pretty wild. I’ll never apologize for that, especially as biological woman who has had a f*cking lifetime of being told I’m less than. I’m a woman. No apologies. https://t.co/Zx1LAQzsRW

— Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian) April 10, 2023

She described the term as “degrading” in March, leading to widespread criticism from progressive activists. Kasparian doubled down on Monday, declaring she will “never apologize” for her stance.

Kasparian co-hosts popular YouTube show “The Young Turks” (TYT) alongside veteran left-wing pundit Cenk Uygur, who came to her defense amid criticism from progressives. Kasparian and Uygur’s show is the flagship program for the broader TYT Network, known for its left-wing news coverage and commentary.

Kasparian’s comments on gender ideology are far from her only point of disagreement with popular left-wing narratives.

She admitted Wednesday that she “screwed up royally” by amplifying disgraced conspiracy theorist Rebekah Jones’ false accusations against Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Ana Kasparian admits that TYT didn’t fact check the Rebekah Jones nonsense due to her not liking DeSantis & wanting to get him. She acknowledges this was the reason the media ran with the claims as well. She apologizes to audience members who donated to her scam GoFundMe as well pic.twitter.com/cPCbBLi78H

— Sean Fitzgerald (Actual Justice Warrior) (@IamSean90) April 13, 2023

Authorities arrested Jones’ teenage son for internet posts allegedly threatening to carry out a shooting at his high school, according to Check Your Fact. Jones falsely alleged that DeSantis had her son arrested because of a lawsuit she filed against the Florida Department of Health in relation to her debunked claims that Florida was fabricating COVID-19 statistics.

Kasparian made a similar admission about the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Nov. 2021, saying she was “wrong” about key details of the case. Rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges after shooting three men during an Aug. 2020 Black Lives Matter riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Additionally, Kasparian recently pointed out that green energy initiatives such as electric car charging stations impose high costs on middle-class Americans.

“I want to do something in response to climate change, that is not my issue here. My issue is how we’re forced to make all these changes that are a financial burden, a giant inconvenience with little to no help,” she told Uygur. “The middle class is the most f*cked group of people in this country!”

In a Feb. 2023 conversation with conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, Kasparian came out against the left’s positions on crime and homelessness. Kasparian described receiving “so much flack” for her stances and admonished the left for “denying” the “increase in crime” in America’s largest cities.

“I was assaulted in my own neighborhood. I shared the story. I was shocked at the kind of reaction I got from people I typically agree with politically,” she told Shapiro. “What’s making it worse though is that I’m the bad guy for sharing the story and saying, ‘Hey, we can’t just let this kind of stuff happen, we need to find real solutions for it.'”

Prior to her appearance on Shapiro’s show, she said in Aug. 2021 that “progressives in places like California” have made “terrible decisions” on the “homeless problem” by repealing anti-camping laws.

During her February conversation with Shapiro, she also mentioned that a “small portion” of “self-identified leftists” on Twitter had criticized her for “platforming” Shapiro by debating him at the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce in Oct. 2021.

Kasparian dismissed these concerns, stressing the importance of engaging with opposing viewpoints. “As long as the other side is coming at me with good faith arguments, they genuinely believe what they’re saying, having these debates is important in actually deciphering what you as the viewer believe,” she said.

‘The Young Turks’ Star Ana Kasparian Appears To Be Fed Up With The Left’s Narratives (2024)
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