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The desire for gleaming white teeth is ubiquitous in America. Want proof? Look no further than the40 million people who use tooth whiteners around the country! That incredible statistic’s a clear indication of the value we put in having pearly whites.It’s no surprise, really. After all, physical appearance is important to people; we want to look and feel our best. Dental hygiene plays a central role in that.

Shed in this light, the popularity of teeth-whitening paraphernalia starts to make more sense. Custom whitening trays are one particular product people employ for this purpose. And, with a host of advantages to using them, it’s no wonder why. Are you eager to whiten your teeth and want to learn more about whitening trays? Read on to discover 7 of the primary benefits they provide.

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  1. They’re Custom-Fit

First things’ first: Custom whitening trays are designed specifically for your mouth. The clue’s in the name, right?! Nonetheless, it’s important to emphasize the value of having a tray that perfectly fits your mouth. Think about standard whitening trays. They’re generic and mass-produced by nature. That means they take a one-size-fits-all approach to the product. Thousands of people with different shapes, sizes, and dental predicaments all use the same tray. As you’re well aware, peoples’ teeth are never identical. Utilizing an identical tray will never provide the best results.

  1. Greater Effectiveness

The key benefit of a bespoke whitening tray is in its greater effectiveness. Clothing offers a useful analogy. Takes suits, for instance. The difference between a custom and standard tray is comparable to that of a tailored and off-the-shelf suit. Sure, you can find off-the-shelf suits of a reasonable standard. They fit adequately and look smart. Wait until you wear a tailored suit, though. Designed and manufactured specifically for your shape, it fits like a glove and looks a million dollars as a result. There are no bulging or baggy bits anywhere! Your custom tray, just like a tailor-made suit, can perform its primary purpose more easily. For example, an even coating of the whitening gel ensures a uniform whiteness to your teeth. It doesn’t wobble or move. It stays in position and does a better job all-round of whitening your chompers.

  1. Extra Comfort

Here’s a short but related advantage: Anything that stays in place better in your mouth is more comfortable to wear. And, as we noted above, custom trays do exactly that. They fit your teeth perfectly, meaning there are no awkward gaps that create literal room for maneuver. The tray remains put!

Let’s face it, keeping something in your mouth for any length of time isn’t particularly pleasant. The more comfortable the trays can be, the better. An added benefit is that the gel’s more likely to remain where you need it too. Some people report a sensitivity to gel that spills onto their gums. With custom trays, that’s less likely to happen. Here’s more aboutprotecting your gumsfrom whitening injuries.


Whitening Trays - Single


Whitening Trays - Couples

  1. Whiter Teeth Faster

There’s a crucial difference between efficiency and effectiveness. In simple terms, effectiveness means doing the right thing; efficiency is doing things right. Nicely, custom whitening trays fit both descriptions! As we just saw, compared to standard options they’re far better at their primary task: they whiten your teeth more effectively. Even better, they do it in an efficient way. Thanks to their perfect fit, equal distribution of gel, and staying put in your mouth, you’ll enjoy whiter teeth far sooner. That’s sure to appeal to anyone wanting a gleaming smile in record time. There’s nothing worse than waiting ages for a substandard result. Thankfully, custom trays help avert that eventuality.

  1. Dentist Instructions

Standard trays are usually purchased over the counter at a pharmacy. It’s entirely up to you to work out how they operate. You hand over your money, take them home, and are then left to fend for yourself! Sure, there’ll be a manual to guide you. Nonetheless, anyone who’s never used a whitening tray before can feel confused by the process. And where there’s confusion, there’s room for error. Compare that to custom-trays. These whitening tools are made for you by the dentist. They take a mold of your teeth and set about creating the tray.

With SportingSmiles, you can avoid dental visits and make your own mold at home that we use to create your whitening trays in our professional dental lab. You get the same high-quality trays at a fraction of the cost. For more information,visit SportingSmilestoday.

As such, they can offer instructions, advice, and recommendations for how to use them. They can answer your questions and settle any nerves.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Standard whitening devices are cheap and cheerful. After all, they’re mass-produced! They’re made in bulk, bringing the price per unit down dramatically. By comparison, custom trays can feel expensive. Anything tailor-made will inevitably cost more, though. You’ll never find a tailored-suit that’s comparable in price to an off-the-shelf version. Same goes for whitening trays. There are two things to remember, though: firstly, the benefits you’ve gained in the process; secondly, that it’s still far cheaper than professional whitening services at the dentist!

  1. Improved Confidence

Last but not least is arguably the most important benefit of whitening trays: The added confidence you gain from a set of freshly whitened teeth. Smiling plays a key role in life-satisfaction and joy. Unfortunately, feeling self-conscious about stained teeth can make people reluctant to smile. They become painfully aware of their teeth, trying to cover and hide them. Whitening them can restore confidence in your smile. Even better, smiling more can actuallymake you live longertoo! You get whiter teeth and a happier, longer life in the process.

Final Thoughts on Custom Whitening Trays

There you have it: the many benefits of utilizing custom whitening trays in your bid for gleaming teeth. Tens of millions of people use whitening devices in the United States. Sets of pearly white fangs are highly prized possessions in a culture that celebrates aesthetic beauty. It’s no small wonder than many people choose to do something about stained and yellowing teeth. Unfortunately, not all whitening devices are made equal. Some do a much better job than others. Hopefully, this post has highlighted how custom whitening trays provide a top choice. Are you hoping to improve your smile the easy way?Click hereto discover how we can help.

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Dr. Tom McCarthy

Dr. Tom McCarthy has been practicing dentistry for over 47 years while owning multiple clinics. A graduate of Marquette University, Dr. McCarthy has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on various topics to better educate his patients.

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Whiten Your Teeth at Home with Custom Whitening Trays - SportingSmiles (2024)


Do custom teeth whitening trays work? ›

Professional take-home teeth whitening trays are said to be one of the most effective ways to whiten teeth. The appliance is used to apply the bleaching product to the patient's teeth and it keeps them immersed in the product as it begins to remove stains from the inner and outer layers of their teeth.

How long does it take to whiten teeth with custom trays? ›

Your dentist will make impressions of your teeth to create molds that make your whitening trays. Once you have trays, a bleaching solution is placed within them as you wear them for up to 4 hours/day for 1-2 weeks. You'll notice a significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth within that time.

How long does it take to see results from teeth whitening trays? ›

You should start seeing results from a whitening gel tray in about a week, with maximum results seen in 2 to 4 weeks' time. The amount of whitening you see will vary based on the strength of the peroxide used and length of time worn.

How often should you whiten your teeth with whitening trays? ›

We advise whitening your teeth just once a year, whether professionally or at home. This should keep sensitivity from becoming a problem while helping you maintain a white, natural-looking smile. Typically, the professional-grade whitening kits available from our dental office last about a year.

How much do custom whitening trays cost? ›

For in-office teeth whitening, it costs about $400-$700. The take-home tray is about $300-$500 and under $100 for over-the-counter whitening.

Should you brush your teeth after removing whitening trays? ›

After Whitening: Remove the tray and rinse off your teeth.

Brush any remaining gel away. Brush, floss and continue routine dental cleaning. You may initially notice white splotches on teeth following removal of tray. This is typically cause by dehydration of the teeth and should diminish within an hour.

What happens if you leave whitening trays on too long? ›

However, the higher the percentage of peroxide in the whiteningsolution, the shorter it should be applied to the teeth. Keeping the gel on longerwill dehydrate the tooth and increasetooth sensitivity.

What happens if you leave whitening trays in overnight? ›

So, when you leave the bleaching gel on all night, temperature sensitivity, pain, and gum issues can potentially make these symptoms worse. Don't do it!

When can I brush my teeth after whitening trays? ›

This could make the whitening treatment ineffective. Swallowing too much of the bleaching solution will cause nausea. Waiting about 30 minutes after the whitening treatment before brushing to remove the whitening gel is ideal. The patient could then eat, drink, or smoke after.

Do your teeth get more yellow after whitening? ›

Teeth whitening is an effective way to brighten your smile, but it's not a permanent solution. After teeth whitening, your teeth can turn yellow again due to several factors. Diet: Certain foods and drinks, like coffee, tea, red wine, cola, and dark-colored fruits and vegetables, contain pigments that can stain teeth.

Do teeth get whiter days after whitening? ›

Your teeth will continue to lighten for a couple of days even after you stop a whitening session.

What is the fastest results for teeth whitening? ›

To whiten teeth in one day, an in-office whitening treatment might be the best bet. Just beware of the sensitivity side effects. Harris adds that in-office, same-day systems like Zoom Advanced Power is highly effective for immediate results when dealing with stains caused by internal discoloration.

Does home teeth whitening work? ›

Although home teeth whitening kits can be effective in whitening teeth, they can only really whiten teeth by a few shades. If you want a drastic change in teeth whiteness (i.e. you have severe teeth staining), home teeth whitening kits may not be enough. You may need multiple tries.

Can I use whitening trays two days in a row? ›

After the trays are used and removed, they need to be cleaned with a Q-tip or a cloth and rinsed. It's typically not recommended to use whitening trays for multiple days in a row, but they can be re-used over time to whiten your smile. 2-3 times a week is a good rule of thumb.

How can I whiten my teeth in one day at home? ›

10 Ways to Whiten Teeth in a Day and Keep Healthy Gums
  1. Brush with Baking Soda. ...
  2. Use Hydrogen Peroxide. ...
  3. Activated Charcoal. ...
  4. Powdered milk and toothpaste. ...
  5. Coconut Oil Pulling with Baking soda. ...
  6. Essential Oils Whitening Toothpaste. ...
  7. Turmeric Whitening Toothpaste. ...
  8. Baking Soda and Strawberry Paste.
Mar 27, 2019

Do I need custom whitening trays? ›

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry endorses the use of custom-fit teeth whitening trays crafted by dentists as they really are that much safer than other options. There is no risk of tooth-whitening gel moving on out of trays that do not properly fit your mouth.

Can I use my custom whitening trays as a night guard? ›

Whitening trays are looser than night guards and can slide around during your sleep, therefore not providing consistent and effective protection. Whitening trays don't cover the entire biting surface and only cover the visible portion of your smile, meaning they don't cover your molars.

What are the side effects of teeth whitening trays? ›

One of the most common side effects is tooth sensitivity, which can occur during or after treatment. Overuse or misuse of teeth whitening products can also lead to enamel damage, gum irritation, and discoloration. Additionally, some types of tooth discoloration may not respond well to teeth whitening treatments.

How long do you have to wear 20 teeth whitening trays? ›

Brush teeth before inserting tray. Lightly tap tray to adapt tray sides to teeth. Wear Opalescence 20% for 2 to 4 hours.

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